Ministry of silly rides 2.0 Jamieson River

Sometimes shit is just supposed to go pear shaped, your mates place gets broken into on Friday night delaying the Saturday depart to Sunday 5am. Meanwhile the two man posse swells to seven after plans get hatched Friday night on the confidence of too many beers. The four of the other five headed out to Jamieson Saturday night and experienced some sub zero alpine weather in sub optimal sports apparel in a campground by the river.  When we saw them on the main street the next morning, I felt the Zombie apocalypse was upon us.

I arrived at Joe’s on time and wasn’t surprise to see Simon wasn’t there yet. Whist he’s not usually the most punctual of fellas, the story of what transposed ut the front of his house the night before more than made up for the lack of punctuality.

Day one, top of the first climb, a walk in the park compared to the hike a bike to follow

At 2am Simon hears a massive crash out the front of his place and goes to investigate. Turns out  some poor bloke on a motorbike just gets off a shift at a pub on high street has run into some kids scooter lying in the middle of the road. Simon helped him up and brought him inside to chill for a bit. The guy reaches into his motorcycle jacket and pulls out an intact bottle of beer and offers it as a thankyou! Now Simon’s thinking “shit this is this guy drunk!” Turns out he’s actually straight edge and he just takes his knockoff beer home for his housemates. Needless to say Simon slept all the way up the Hume hwy.

Sometimes shit is destined to fail, but the end result is a shit load of fun. Enjoy the ride as a series of captioned images as sometimes getting there is half the fun.

It might have been a morning for brass monkeys but we nailed it weather wise for a trip out here in July
Tom on the singletrack way above the Jamieson.
The River Inn
Mike:Hey mate you go first. Krus:Nah its all yours. This bit is greasy and steep. Fucking hard either way.

Sometimes when shit doesn’t go to plan, its best just to chill the fuck out, make camp and drink Whiskey and crawl back home the next day. Such is the philosophy behind the Ministry of Silly rides! Thanks for playing.